• We are a 100% feminine team.
  • There is always great music playing in our atelier.
  • Our designs are often inspired by vintage pieces.
  • We use all our fabric off-cuts to make cute accessories.
  • We make lots of samples that we test before launching a design. Some are launched, some are not.
  • All of our pattern making/ grading is done in-house, manually!
  • The mood of the collection often starts with the colour palette, we LOVE working with colours.
  • We try our best to convey holiday/ resort vibes through each design.
  • Our in-store fragrance was designed specially to convey a certain mood.
  • Our imaginary Saskia girl; loves effortless chic pieces, warm summer days, that after-beach/sea feeling, looking feminine without all the fuss, laid-back luxury and feeling confident in her clothes.

We would love to hear from you at hello@saskia.mu if you have any questions about our brand.


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