1. Door tassles by Cactus

Handmade, colourful bling for your home. Zhoosh up your doors with these adorable tassels, they are available in both our boutiques.

2. Napkin packs by Cactus

A one-time purchase that will make you reduce waste and save money in the long run. Amazing right?!

Think of the planet, think of your wallet; buy Cactus 100% cotton cloth napkins! These napkins come in a pack of 4, they are available in our Caudan boutique.

3. Liria wrap top + Marginella bikini cover-ups 

The Liria kimono wrap top is now available in a floral print, the fabric is 100% cotton.

New colour variants are now available of the Marginella bikini cover-up. The new colours are gold and bronze and they come in a beautiful cotton/ silk blend.

Both styles are available in both our boutiques in very limited quantities.

4. Cowrie skirt

The Cowrie skirt is available in a floral print, it is a high-waisted style with multiple layers. It is available in both our boutiques, at Le Rendez Vous and online.



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