We are super excited to finally share the profiles of our winning #saskiaambassador candidates on Instagram with you.

In case you are not already following them (which you should) all three of them have gorgeous feeds filled with fashion and lifestyle photos.  You will find some information below to get to know them a little bit better.



INSTAGRAM  @littlemissmonbon
BLOG             www.littlemissmonbon.com

About Monique

Monique is a creative, content creator and freelance writer, hailing from Perth. A colour lover and ‘yes person’ by heart, Monique is all about fun – and it shows in her work.

Little Miss Mon Bon is a space that aims to educate, inspire, and encourage readers to experience new things through the detailing of Monique’s own experiences. Touching on fashion, beauty, fitness, and lifestyle, Little Miss Mon Bon is a dynamic, multi-faceted space. It is a space that lets Monique’s fun and bubbly personality shine through. It is a space full of colour, fun, and experience.

Little Miss Mon Bon_________


INSTAGRAM @melmarts

About Melanie

Melanie-Ann prefers to be called Melmarts, she is a 20 year old something living, eating, praying, singing about FASHION and is a certified stylist from Instituto Marangoni in Paris and is based in Mauritius.

"Fashion is really and without doubt the thing that defines me.  Fashion sets my soul on fire! I think that I came to life to show my true colors in fashion and what I do best in fashion is the styling part whereby I love playing dress up by assembling pieces together."

Being a stylist Melanie loves to suggest wardrobe basics such as denim trousers or a basic white tee a little oomph.  "I just love doing this.  I also enjoy assembling two different patterns together.  For example polka dots & stripes or gingham with stripes.  Love challenging myself with this!"



INSTAGRAM @blackisbackbabes

About Diana

Diana is a 20-year-old fashion enthusiast who is based in Germany. She is inspired by good books, photography and by traveling around the world. She loves to try out new styles and to show them on Instagram. Her style is minimalistic and classy with a touch of boho chic.

xxxx Saskia
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