Work in Progress

As soon as a new collection is launched, a new one starts being created

We are constantly trying to be inspired in order to create new styles and entire collections, it is not always that easy considering we are based on a tiny tropical island with not that much fashion influence.  Lots of beautiful beaches and stunning coral reefs, but not that much street style inspiration or high-end brands to be blown away by.  We rely mostly on the internet for research as well as occasional trips overseas.  Lucklily we have Instagram and Pinterest to get an overload of information and endless style inspiration.

We have recently started putting together a few ideas for our next collection and our fabric selection is slowly coming together.  For this collection we will be going more pastel than the previous one; we will be using mainly cottons, our favorite cotton/silk blends, crepes and very drapey lightweight matte satins for the more dressed up styles.  This collection will be launching for the beginning of our summer, so there will be boho vibes (as usual) but mainly simple effortless chic cuts inspired by mediterranean holidays.


This is the moodboard of the vibe we are going for

New collection moodboard

 This is our colour palette

New Collection Colour Palette

Make sure to follow us on Instagram @saskia.official to see all the #wip pics as well as on Pinterest at saskiamauritius to see all our fashion, accessory and decor inspiration boards.

We will keep you updated with the progress of the new collection here, so stay posted.

Have a lovely afternoon!



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