The brand

Saskia is a boutique Mauritian clothing brand combining unique modern designs and artisanal craftsmanship, inspired by the tropical and carefree Mauritian lifestyle. The resort wear collections are made-up of effortlessly elegant pieces infused with bohemian charm that can easily transition from day to night. The brand has become iconic for its flowing silhouettes, unique feminine details, pastel colour palettes and stunning fabrics.

Designer Saskia Pougnet-Bechard launched her label under the same name in January 2011 to pursue her love for fashion while supporting the local industry. Saskia creations are designed and handmade in Mauritius, in small, thoughtful runs to maintain strong emphasis on producing high quality garments and the exclusivity of the range.

The designer

Saskia Pougnet-Bechard is the creative mind behind the self-titled brand, Saskia. Born in Cape Town to a German mother and a Mauritian father, she grew up amongst the tropical Mauritian landscape and very early on showed a passion for arts and crafts and sewing; a craft she learnt from her grandmothers.

Saskia studied Fashion Design and Marketing at Polimoda in Florence, Italy and later worked for iconic luxury Lingerie company La Perla. Her exhilarating life in Italy combined with her extensive work experience provided her with unique skill sets and a wealth of knowledge, which she decided to bring back to her home island of Mauritius.

Upon her return she worked for several production companies with large portfolios of international clients, to gain industrial experience and a better understanding of the Mauritian textile industry. In January 2011, Saskia launched her brand to pursue her desire to create collections of unique, high quality handmade garments whilst also supporting local artisans. 

Our values

Saskia prides itself on being socially and environmentally consciousness, the garments are produced locally to encourage and stimulate the local economy and to revitalizing the declining craft of artisan sewing in Mauritius, due to mass production.

    The business is built on values, which we strive to commit to:
  1. Favorable and encouraging work environments for our employees and subcontractors.
  2. No waste policy for production; we try our best to minimise our fabric waste by creating small accessories.

Our boutiques

Saskia entered the Mauritian fashion world as a retailer in 2013, she wanted to set a new standard of sophistication and quality for her beloved island. She garnered a lot of attention for her innovative approach and the success of this venture soon led to the development of a second store and finally the opening of the eStore in 2017. 

As well as stocking her own label, her boutiques house independent international and local brands and have become destinations for both local Mauritians and tourists. From unique and interesting homeware to bespoke jewellery and decorative objects, each brand and product is carefully curated by Saskia based on the following values; "we look for either handmade or sustainable items which are striking, unique and most importantly that are exclusive to our stores in Mauritius."


Cascavelle Shopping Mall
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Le Caudan Waterfront
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